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Top Three Signs your Hot Water Heater is about to go

A 40-gallon hot water heater has the possibility of taking good care of you for more than a decade, but sadly they are not built to run forever.

We are going to explain the warning signals of hot water heater unit that is about to stop working.  We want you to be ahead of these telltale signs so that you can find yourself a new hot water heater before you find yourself in an urgent situation.

1)  It’s been a long time, baby . . .

The first and easiest way to diagnose a possible problem on your hot water heater is to inspect the age of your unit.  If you hot water heater is more than 10 years old, it is time to dig a little deeper.

The company who manufactured your hot water heater most likely placed a sticker on the unit.  This sticker will have a date (or at least a year) displaying the year the hot water heater was created.  An older hot water heater is more likely to have a problem and is sure to need repairs more often.

Riverside rain storm

2)  I’m Singing in the Rain . . .

If there is water coming out of or near the hot water heater, you should look into it.  A hot water heater that is on its last legs will start to form small cracks in the base of the hot water heater’s tank.

This can be a result of the metal that compromises the tank expanding after numerous expansions.  Metal that heats up, over time, may start to leak.

It is also possible that the hot water heater is losing water because of loose fittings or connections between hoses and pipes.  This is something we would look closely at and could constitute a repair as opposed to a replacement of the entire hot water heater.

The longer you wait to address leaking water issues, the more dangerous they can become.  Water left exposed can lead to mold and eventually a toxic air quality in the surrounding

New water heater installed in Riverside

areas of the hot water heater.

3)  Sadly, in Rust we Trust . . .

A good signal that your hot water heater is about to go is that your water will turn from a gorgeous clear to a slightly yellow and then auburn and then brown color.  This rusty color indicates that the hot water heater unit is rusting and is spilling into your water supply.

A rusty water heater is also prone to develop a leak in the very near future.  If you have persistent rusty water, it is time to replace your hot water heater.

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