Top Three Signs your Hot Water Heater is about to go

A 40-gallon hot water heater has the possibility of taking good care of you for more than a decade, but sadly they are not built to run forever. We are going to explain the warning signals of hot water heater unit that is about to stop working.  We want you to be ahead of these … Read more

Not Enough Hot Water

Not able to enjoy a steaming hot bath any more or do you run out of hot water during a shower? Running out of hot water is never any fun and it can be caused by a few different issues. Read below to see what might be causing your hot water to run cold or call 951-688-1175 to speak with a water … Read more

Water Heater Sounds

Like Popcorn? Water Heater Sounds Like a Tea Kettle? Water heaters sounds can be aggravating but, right out of the gate, let’s just say that water heaters do make noise. Some noises are normal and some could be an indication of a bigger problem. As always, you can call our water heater experts at 1-951-688-1175 and they can … Read more