New Water Conservation Laws Explained

White water on a rushing river.

Despite one of the rainiest winters we can remember, new Riverside water laws due to drought have still taken effect in 2017 and regulate interior water fixtures for your single family residential properties. For all homes built before January 1, 1994, the law now requires that you retrofit all existing internal faucets, showers, toilets, and … Read more

Water Heater Repair Riverside – Review Roundup Tech Edition

Hot water heater repair in Riverside superstar technician Dave P is featured in today’s review roundup! This is where we feature all of the stellar reviews that have come in for technician Dave P in Riverside, California. Great work Dave!  Continuing nearly 50 years of 5 star service!

January Review Round Up 2017!!

We’re back again with another collection of or reviews that we’d love to share with our customers and explain a bit about what we do here at Water Heaters Only, Inc.


Watering during a water shortage.

As California continues to suffer through one of the driest years on record, water conservation is on everyone’s mind, especially now that the governor has issued an Executive Order state declaring a water emergency for the state. This order, which was the first such order in the state’s history, called for a 25 percent reduction … Read more